You sold one of my photos!?!

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So, my mom’s an interior designer. She designs peoples homes. That’s what that means.

Well she was somehow able to swindle someone into paying money for some of my photos. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t get into photography to make money, not that I’m complaining.

When thinking about how to best package and label my photos, I thought about where to send people interested in more of my photography. So I’m going to put together a simple label to stick on the back of each image. I’ll include my name, email, and a website. At first I figured that I’d just put this web address. But after some thought, I decided to get a new one, for the professional side of things. Here at the blog, I can be known to share my opionion at times. I wouldn’t want a client of mine or my mom’s associating my ranting with the end product, so I’ll be working up a clean professional site at You’re welcome to stop by for a visit.

And if you’ve seen any of my photos that I should include in my portfolio, please let me know by commenting to this post, or commenting on the image’s page at Zooomr.


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4 thoughts on “You sold one of my photos!?!”

  1. That’s pretty awesome! It’s always a good feeling when somebody is willing to pay for something you’ve created. Here’s hoping for many more!


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