Personal History Photo Journal, #2

It’s been a while since I announced my Personal History Photo Journal. I won’t explain it here. Just go read the first post if you want more information. This is a continuation of that post. I have added another set of photos to my Zooomr account tagged with “phpj”. You can see those, here. Recently I visited a dying icon in Ventura County, The Wagon Wheel restaurant and motel. I wanted to make sure that I photographed it before it is torn down. So, here’s a nice one.

DSC_0214DSC_0214 Hosted on Zooomr

I also visited my original hood, Oxnard. I spent my early years running the streets of the ‘Nard, so I thought I’d document it too.

OxnardOxnard Hosted on Zooomr

And last but not least, I visited my parents’ original hood, Port Hueneme. You can’t miss beautiful little Hueneme.

Bank of HuenemeBank of Hueneme Hosted on Zooomr

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