She’s worth so much more to me

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Paul Spears, writing for The Scriptorium, discussed an interesting Reuters study about Stay-at-home mom’s. In the study, they found that in order to accurately compensate this special class of mother’s we’d have to pay them $138,095 a year. That’s a lot of money! I don’t even make that. It sounds like I’m getting a pretty good deal with Deanna.

Once you begin to think about the variety of skills and managerial tasks a mother must do in a typical day, you begin to understand.

  • accounting
  • discipline
  • schedule management
  • maintain order, (kids, stuff, pets)
  • nursing/triage
  • and list goes on and on…

This list just gets you thinking, there is so much more. I know that I simply don’t have what it takes to fulfill such a high calling. You should read the article, it’s a good read.

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