Update: Daddy carries the load.

OK, so the weekend got worse before it got better. I had to take two days off and Deanna was in the hospital all day on Sunday. She’s doing better now, and appreciates all your prayers. So now, we’ve got to clean up the house, because apparently, I suck at keeping house.


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1 thought on “Update: Daddy carries the load.”

  1. First off, he absolutely does not suck at cleaning the house!
    He did dishes, put away dishes, did more dishes and thankfully ran the dishwasher! He did loads of laundry, fed the kids, clothed the kids (even the baby) which we all know is a challenge all it’s own. He even managed with the help of the Princess to get the laundry folded and put away! I unfortunately am the horrible wench of a wife who does not do a good enough job of honoring and praising her God-send of a husband when he needs to hear “You rock baby!!” For the record, I could not do or be the mommy and wife that I am with out the blood, sweat, and tears my husband sheds (or should I say spills!) when I get sick and can’t do what it is I do. So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I love you baby!


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