End of the week rant.

OK, I thought we covered this.

I don’t know what the heck we were thinking, but we dumped DirecTV last month, and added television service to our Time Warner service. I already mentioned that we had been disappointed with the Adelphia buyout by Time Warner.

Since then we’ve had nothing but crappy service and constant service interruption. I’m not sure if we ever had service interruption with Adelphia. We actually bumped up our service package to the “Extreme” tier when we added the TV. It’s supposed to be 10MB. I haven’t seen over 6MB yet.

I was thinking, if they can send all that beautiful HD, in several channels, down the freakin’ copper wire, why on God’s green earth can’t they keep the internet live, all the time? Or at least most of the time? What the heck!

I think I’m just going to drop by their local office and complain every day. Maybe I’ll even file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Hopefully, they’ll get sick of me and put someone on it. I’ve read and heard others are a little ticked off at Time Warner, so maybe we can all get together and file a Class Action law suit.


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One thought on “End of the week rant.”

  1. Trevor,
    I have numerous complaints with Time Warner. Do you know of any Class Action that is currently going on. Members can not only be found on the Internet but on any day in the massive lines that extend out of the Time Warner Offices. These guys provide a horrible product. The only thing that is consistant with my service is that they always send a bill for the horrible service.



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