Rainy day insanity

You know, when it rains, kids actually get crazier. I’m sure that it has been documented somewhere.

It’s raining today in Southern California. We were going to hit Disneyland, but that doesn’t work with 4 kids under 8. The Princess is a trooper, she has no problem perservering. The Padawan and the Wookie, however, are totally wimps. I love them, but they wimp-out at the first sign of discomfort. Dragging around a 3 and 5 year old at Disneyland is no fun.

So, we’re trapped at home. I jumped online this morning, googling “rainy day fun” but found nothing but more wimping out. I’m sick of suggestions for making lame crafts at home, fearing a little rain on the head. Where’s the, “I’m not afraid of the weather-idea’s”? I want the rainy day activity website for Seattle-ites.

Maybe something will come up and I’ll get some photos. Check back tomorrow.


Author: TREVOR

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2 thoughts on “Rainy day insanity”

  1. Here’s an idea: “Kids, hold daddy’s umbrella while he takes photos in the rain! That’s right, hold it steady now, I don’t want to get water on the lens!” 🙂


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