OK, I have stayed clear of too much politically charged conversation on this blog, however, I must discuss some things with you.

Today, in Virginia, a horrible tragedy occurred. If you are reading this blog post, then you most definitely are aware that a shooting happened at Virginia Tech and 32 people were killed. The number you will hear is 33. I don’t count the shooter.

You will hear, watch, and read a lot of information about this incident. Much of what you learn will be fact. A lot will be opinion. Some of that will be crap.

The “crap” part is what bothers me. I can hear them now. The “destroyers of the Constitution” will be all over the news by the end of the day. They’ll be joining the talking heads tomorrow. They won’t shut up for at least a month. We’ll be reminded how we should not have the right to defend ourselves. We’ll be reminded how we should give up our freedom, “…to keep and bear arms…”

Let me remind you that the British disarmed colonists, believing that they would rise up against them in revolution. They failed and WE suceeded, forming the United States of America. Additionally, I would like to point out that the Gun Control Act of 1968 reads very similar to the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938. The NWL was primarily used to disarm the Jews and others who would years later be murdered. No matter which government, I will not leave my sole safety in someone else’s hands.

Since it was reported that the individual may have been a foreign student from an Asian country, maybe we should halt all incoming Asian student visas. Additionally, it was reported that the suspect had fled the first scene in a dark colored pickup truck. I think it would add an element of safety to all college campuses here in the US if we considered banning all pickup trucks from campus. This should decrease the amount of times one flees the scene of a crime.



What is the point? My point is that if the laws of Virginia had allowed adult students the right, afforded them by our Constitution, to lawfully possess and carry a firearm then maybe, just maybe less life could have been lost. The parents who weep tonight over the loss of their child, should consider whether the laws of Virginia protected or crippled thier child from protecting themselves.

It is time to release the Constitution from the restraints of liberalism and fear.


Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

3 thoughts on “Shooting”

  1. Thanks for your thoughts Rodney. I agree with you about us not being a nation that fears the Lord or cares for our neighbor. These characteristics would do more to keep us safe than any peacemaker on my side.


  2. I agree with what you are saying about carrying guns, but
    as a society have we failed to raise our children in the GODLY
    manner we should have? I can’t imagine people carrying
    a gun downtown just after they have worked themselves up
    killing people in video games. I don’t disagree with you I just
    think as a society we have gone to far away from God’s
    standards to let people carry a gun to protect themselves.
    I was stationed in Montana for six years in the 80’s when
    you could carry a gun. I don’t know what the law is now, but
    it made me aware of my surroundings more when you saw
    a literal six-shooter hanging from a gunbelt at the local mall.
    This comment might ramble on or not make any since
    it is 3:5 am. If we had a Godly fear in this world and more
    love for our neighbor I think carrying a gun would work.


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