Sweet looking pictures

Chat by the country fence

I just love good looking photographs.

With my recent venture into the photography world, I’ve met some pretty interesting people of varying worldviews and backgrounds. Some are very different than me, others are not so different.

One recent new person is one Raoul Pop. He’s a unique guy with a unique background. Check out his blog for more about his history. A couple of things about Raoul that I find interesting and am draw to is his photography and his faith.

I can’t remember if I “befriended” him first or not, but I found him on Zooomr. He commented on a few of my photos and this made an impression on me because I had seen his photography. I knew that he is gifted and for him to say nice things about my photos means quite a lot.

Then some time passed by and I kept a watch on his new pictures. Since then I’ve been tracking Raoul’s blog and I started to pick up on some wording that made me think that he knows the Lord. So today I dug a little deeper and wouldn’t you know it, Raoul clearly loves the Lord and is following Him with fervour. Praise God!

It is wonderful running into the family of God, even when you weren’t keeping watch. One of the many reasons for my new-found interest in photography has been as a supplement to my ministry opportunities. Years ago I started a local car club, just so that I could be “out there” meeting people in their element and building relationships with regular ol’ nonbelievers. That’s something I picked up from the Savior of the world.

Take a moment and look at some of Raoul’s photography, it’s beautiful. Also if you’re a blog reader, read and subscribe to his active blog, Come Across.


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