Carpinteria Tide Pools Photowalk

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First off, let me summarize by saying that we had a great time. Deanna and the kids all came along in order to enjoy the beautiful tide pools and the great weather.

However, as is always the case when the Carpenters travel or try and do anything at all…

Upon exiting the freeway, within minutes of arrival, The Wookie decides that he’s had enough of daddy’s driving and decided to expel the contents of his stomach, all over himself. So now, he’s freaking out, daddy’s freaking out, the remaining kids are gagging on just the smell, and we’re not even there yet. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN!

No problem, mommy’s prepared and keeps her cool. We arrived shortly and mommy kicked into “fix it” mode. With a quick change of clothes and a rinse of the car seat, we’re ready to attack the sea. However, I need to park the car. No problem, I’ll just look over…nope nothing available there. Hmmm? Maybe in the lot just down the way? Nope. “Hold on a sec honey, I’ll just be a minute.”

About a half mile away, on the other side of the Carpinteria State Beach, I found a spot. I’m sure it was in Summerland.

Oh yeah, this is a photowalk post.

So we hit the beach and ultimately had a great time. Deanna chased the kids on the rocks, out of the water, while I shot a little of the tide pools and stumbled around in the surf. Then I returned to shoot the kids while they played in the water. The Pacific Ocean isn’t really all that warm, ever, so we didn’t expect the kiddo’s to get too wet. That didn’t matter to them, they splashed just as much. Before we knew it, they were soaked, and The Wookie was shivering. What you don’t know is that it takes more than vomit and shivering to ruin the day for him. Oh yeah, he was in his element. Many sticks to use as swords and rocks to climb on is version of heaven. No really.

Please take a moment and peruse my photo set at Zooomr. As of this writing, there’s only a few photos uploaded. I’ll get the remainder of the photos uploaded within the next two days. There’s a bunch.


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4 thoughts on “Carpinteria Tide Pools Photowalk”

  1. Dee Anne,

    If you’re staying at the State Park, on the beach, it is very easy to find. You can drive or walk to the furthest campsite and parking lot. From there, the tide pools are directly between you and the ocean. If you look at the park in Google Maps, or Google Earth, zoom in close and choose the “Satellite” view. You’ll actually see large rock formations under the water, just submerged.

    You can’t miss it. The park rangers will also be able to help you if you still can’t find them.

    Have a great trip!


    PS: Make sure you upload any great images to Zooomr or Flickr and let me see them.


  2. Can you tell me exactly where the tide pools on Carpinteria Beach can be found. We will be camping at the State Park this weekend and want to share them with our granddaughters. Thank you!!

    Enjoyed your photos and commentary.


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