Stranger than Fiction

Stranger than FictionOne of the best movies I have seen in my entire life. I wrote that within moments of the credits rolling.

Last night, we rented Stranger Than Fiction. During the film, I couldn’t help but say to myself over and over again, “This is a great film.” There was no unnecessary sex, viloence, swearing, or filth. There WAS, a nice clean simple story of a man discovering that he was missing something and he wanted more.

I’m no movie critic. But I do love a good moving picture. The wife and I have spent years building our movie library and when I say, “this one’s worth buying,” I mean it’s a good one. Let me tell you, this one’s worth buying.

Will Ferrell stars as Harold Crick, a slightly OCD IRS agent who counts everything. Maggie Gyllenhaal co-stars as Ana Pascal, the free spirit bakery owner who steals Harold’s heart. Who would have thought that a tatooed anti-government bakery owner would fall in love with an OCD IRS agent?

I will tell you that last night I told the wife that I saw a little of us in Harold and Ana. If you didn’t know yet, I’ll tell you a secret. I’m a little OCD. Additionally, the wife is a semi-free spirit, <whisper>and she has a tatoo.</whisper>

Anyway, go rent and/or download Stranger than Fiction. (legitamately: iTunes, XBLM, Amazon Unbox) or (illegitamately: Torrent/Xvid)

You’ll thank me.


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