Man, 4 kids is hard work.

So Big Mama is going nuts these days. I know she loves being a mom. I know she loves being at home, managing our home. She does an amazing job at all of it.

The catch is…mom’s need a break at times, and they need to reenergize. I thought about it for a while and decided that she’d benefit from a little alone time at a local spa, the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa. It’s nestled in the beautiful Ojai Valley, just up the way from Ventura.

So the kids and I dropped her off just before lunch today and then stayed closeby in downtown Ojai. Ojai is a nice little town, filled with unique people and shops. There’s also some nice parks. I found a nice little pizza shop online for us to get some lunch and then we hit the downtown park.

Above all, let me say that much fun was had by all. However, taking 4 kids to a restaurant by yourself is a dangerous and near military operation in itself. You know, moms don’t have to consider things like who’s going to watch the kids if one needs a bathroom trip? They just do it, no forethought. And it works for them.

What if I have to go to the bathroom for that matter? Insane!

I’ll try to get Big Mama to post a comment here, reviewing the spa experience.

When she was done, we picked her up and got a little ice cream. Then, as a little last minute fun, The Princess and I hit a nice little garden park for some photowalking. Here’s the set of photos. I’ll throw in a couple to entice you.



The Princess brought along her new Polaroid and we took some great shots. She’s working on getting her subjects centered.



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4 thoughts on “Man, 4 kids is hard work.”

  1. Here is the deal on the spa….
    Totally Awesome!! Trev got me the seasonal pixie tangerine scrub.
    Which is like a massage and body ex foliation all in one. Not to mention for an extra $20 you get full access to the spas wet room area (jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and showers) plus the exercise equipment if you choose. The staff is extremely friendly and courteous, they don’t make you feel like you don’t belong if ya know what I mean. Upon arriving they take you into the wet area ,give you a wonderful plush white robe and sandals for your feet. Explain that you are free to use the facilities (clothing optional) YIKES!! But it is only women right? And they provide EVERYTHING!! (hairbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, & even mouthwash!) I chose not to go in my birthday suit, but did wrap one of the many plush towels they provide and enjoyed the steam room and sauna before my “treatment”. About 5 minutes before my treatment I grabbed some of their yummy citrus cucumber water and headed upstairs. Again was greeted by the friendly staff and taken to my room where the real relaxation began! I finished my day with a relaxing spa shower (3 shower heads!) and one of their yummy fruit smoothies and Trev picked me up curbside. It was a wonderful gift every hard working Mommy deserves! Kudos for Daddy!!


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