Who is Thomas Hawk?


In recent months, you may have noticed me mentioning this dude, Thomas Hawk. Well who is Thomas Hawk?

Today, Thomas is the CEO and chief evangelist for Zooomr, the most exciting photo-sharing website. Thomas is also…

a photographer and digital media enthusiast in the San Francisco Bay Area writing under the pen name Thomas Hawk.

I actually don’t know a whole bunch about Thomas Hawk, because that’s not his real name. His real name is a mystery. I do know that he is some sort of investiment advisor in the real world. However, I have noticed him mention doing some legitamate photography work for the San Francisco Magazine.

I really don’t remember when I first met Thomas, but it was sometime late last year, in 2006. Since then, I’ve been regularly reading his blog, Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection. While reading his posts, I had decided to join the Flickr community, but was having trouble because I have two Yahoo accounts, and for some reason they wouldn’t let me use the one I wanted. No big deal, Thomas mentioned this new fangled thing, Zooomr. Not being sure what a Zooomr was, I checked it out. It looked interesting, so I jumped in with both feet. Since I’m a blogger, they offered me a Pro account, cool

So, since then I’ve also been following along when Thomas gets together with Robert Scoble, another blogger/video blogger, to do their newly famous photowalks. What’s a photowalk? Read about it elsewhere. Photowalking has introduced me to a whole new world of creative outlet and imagination. I’m excited about the future of photowalking. Additionally, becoming excited about taking pictures has motivated me to push the envelope with my equipment. So, the point-and-shoot Fuji didn’t cut it anymore, now I’ve got a Nikon D40. Having a DSLR is starting to worry my wife though when she sees me checking out $900 lenses on B & H’s website. I even ordered a new zoom lens yesterday. Yee-haw!

So, back to Thomas Hawk. I guess I don’t know much about Thomas Hawk.


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  1. I just found your blog via Thomas Hawk’s site. Awesome! I love the conversational tone in your posts – and your photos are great! I’ll definitely drop back in here often!


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