Trevor, the guest speaker

Today I had the amazing opportunity to share about my podcasting experiences and opinions to a very unique audience. A friend of mine, Chuck Braverman, was the director of a workshop at the Brooks Institute. The Brooks Institute is a fine art college in Santa Barbara and Ventura. They focus primarily in Photography and Film.

Chuck is an esteemed producer and director. You can read all about him at his IMDB page.

The workshop, titled the Platypus Workshop is defined as…

The rapidly changing world of new media will offer today’s photojournalists new opportunities to tell their stories, whether by print, the Web or television – provided they understand and master the techniques of video. There are crucial differences between the two, previously separate professions. The rules must be learned before you can break them. The workshop will be taught by still photographers who have made the jump.

Basically, Chuck, being a documentary pro, was there instructing these photo journalists in adding some form of motion picture to their skillset. Included in the large syllabus is exposing the attendees to new forms of media, including the future of television, video podcasting, iptv, or whatever it is called. With my experience in podcasting, and my passion to see video podcasting become main stream, I offer a unique perspective. I’m no expert, I just have some knowledge, insight, and strong opinions.

So, needless to say, I had a great time. I shared a little about who I am, and why I podcast. Then I simply told them how I podcast – what I do to prepare, how I produce and record, and how I finalize the mp3 and show notes. I also gave recommendations of hardware and software choices, mostly echoing my own equipment. Below is a short list of what I use:


  • Audacity – Open Source multi-track audio editor. Available for mulitple platforms, OSX, Windows, Linux.
  • Garageband – Apple’s multi-track audio editor and music maker. Included with all new Apple computers.
  • Podcast Maker – What I use to manage my RSS feed.
  • OmniOutliner – Great outlining app. I use it for my show notes and que sheet.
  • Audio HiJack Pro – Great for recording all audio generated on your Mac.
  • Transmit – The best FTP client for the Mac.
  • Quicktime Pro


  • 12″ Powerbook – I already had this, so it was a no brainer.
  • Alesis MultiMix – Great mixer.
  • MXL 990 – The standard podcast microphone.
  • Shure SM-57 – Great backup, all around solid microphone.
  • cables, cables, and more cables!

By no means is this all inclusive. I’m constantly trying new tools and apps out. You’ll find better lists elsewhere, but I can stand behind all of these products. I’ll add to, and grow this list over time. Maybe, if you start podcasting, you’ll let us all know how it turned out, by commenting below.


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