I know someone, who knows someone who got tased

Here’s a quick video:

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var FO = { movie:”https://media.dreamhost.com/mediaplayer.swf”,width:”420″,height:”210″,majorversion:”7″,build:”0″,bgcolor:”#FFFFFF”, flashvars:”file=http://www.trevorcarpenter.com/video/trevor_420x210.flv&showdigits=true&autostart=false” }; UFO.create(FO,”trevor_420x210.flv”); It was the most painful thing I’ve ever felt. However, I recovered immediately. That’s what makes it such a great tool. Unlike pepperspray, that lingers a while, and can incapacitate you, the taser is done when you stop.

Oddly enough, I had slept poorly the night before, and had a kink in my neck. Once it was over, the kink was gone.

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Author: TREVOR

Leukemia survivor. Son of The Most High. Father. Man.

10 thoughts on “I know someone, who knows someone who got tased”

  1. Rodney! Let’s not get into that here.

    Everyone else…
    Rodney works with me. He knows a little something about why my t-shirt was inside out. If you ask me in person, I’ll tell you.


  2. I like the new site. It looks awesome!

    Also, don’t be surprised if I tase you during my next visit. I’ve rethought the purpose of it and I think I can make a unique application to you.


  3. Now why would I “like” seeing my son in law hurt????

    Yikes! I guess it’s all part of the training.

    Is this how Deanna keeps you in line, too????

    By the way, the web-site that’s up should say “under construction”. We made some significant changes yesterday and it will be up (hopefully) some time next week.

    No more tazing! 🙂


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