So a blog-friend is giving away stuff

I read this funny blog called Be A Good Dad. It’s basically the trials and fun of raising kids. They’re having a simple little contest to see who can figure out why Be A Good Dad’s favorite number is 205.

So here goes…

Be A Good Dad and Be A Good Mom met back in college. They were attending Stillman College at the time, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Of course Tuscaloosa is in the 205 area code, and hence, 205 has become the secret favorite number of the Be A Good’s.


Author: TREVOR

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3 thoughts on “So a blog-friend is giving away stuff”

  1. Thanks for entering. Alabama is a lovely place. So I hear. I have never been there myself.

    Did you change who is allowed to leave comments since last night? I tried to leave one last night and the comment form wasn’t showing up for me.


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