Can I sit at the grown up table now?


In just a couple short weeks, I’ll be ordering up my very first SLR camera. In fact, it will be a D(digital)SLR. To work within my budget, I’m stuck with the most basic of DSLR’s and must only get the usual included 18-55mm lens. I’m not complaining.

I know where to purchase, I’m quite deft at finding great deals from reputable retailers.

Canon has a nice offering for under $600, the Canon Rebel XT. Nikon’s peace offering is also a good entry point, the Nikon D50 (recently replaced by the D40). I hoping to go out into the crazy blog-o-world and drive traffic here to force a simple debate. If you’re new to this small clandestine blog, then welcome. Make a point of telling me where you came from, in the comments.

Which camera should I choose?

The Canon is lighter, and 8 megapixels. The Nikon is only 6.1 megapixels. I searched for some comparisons and everyone disagreed. Now I want your input.


^^^^^^^^^^^ Edited ^^^^^^^^^^^

I have since visited a local retailer and held the two cameras in my hand. I took the time to shoot away, taking note of the process, and how it works. I also played with the menus. This small amount of time was all it took to help me make a decision. Not only did I not like the Canon, but I also don’t like the Nikon D50. I did however see the newly introduced Nikon D40. This camera is great! It has a 2 inch viewer, and that alone is enough to convince me.

Thanks for your intended help, but I’m good. It’s the Nikon D40 for me.


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