Slower than molasses

So I found some space in our master bedroom to set up the donated PIII and got to work. First I tried the Xubuntu Live CD. Then the Xubuntu Alt install Live CD. Then Ubuntu, Ubuntu server, Ubuntu Alt, and nothing. I couldn’t get any one of those to install and boot. I couldn’t even get the Live CD’s to load a full desktop. I was starting to get a little frustrated.

So I scouted around the forums and low and behold, 128 MB of ram is the minimum, but just barely. I can’t explain it, but the donation just doesn’t have enough juice.

So I put that one on hold. Then I got to thinking, if I move a bunch of my media and documents from my PowerBook, I could make enough room to install Ubuntu and get it dual-booting. So I did it.

Wow! Amazing! I won’t go into all the technical details, because many others have done that already. I don’t want to confuse those who search for the same questions. I had to consider that I didn’t want to have to re-install OS X, so I had to find a free way to dynamically re-partition. I could have spent some cash, but that defeats the fun. So I found a nice little terminal app that would do it, and it comes on the Ubuntu Live CD. I had to be patient, but it worked. I gave myself 10 gigs to work with. No problem.

Within 30 minutes of the re-partitioning, I was up and running with my very own Linux installation on the world’s greatest laptop, a Mac. So it was then that I decided to play with Ubuntu and continue to work with OS X. More on a shift in that attitude in another post.


Author: TREVOR

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