Santa Barbara Mission photowalk

A great time was had by all. Which was me.No problem though. I was free to roam and not be interrupted. I did have a nice time moving throughout the Old Mission.

The Santa Barbara Mission is a beautiful place. A wonderful source for California history. As I followed the self-paced tour, I was flanked by numerous young students and their parents obviously fulfilling a scholastic requirement. I was intrigued to hear one father teach his daughter that his own great-great grandfather had worked at the mission as a lay church leader, lending his craftsmanship to the construction and maintenance of the amazing aqueducts that have helped put the Santa Barbara Mission on the map.

Moving on, I took almost 150 photos, not much I’m sure by the professional photowalking standards. I actually took more, but there were only 150 good ones. They are all up on my Zooomr site, and I’m excited to get the Zooomr community to peruse them and comment away.

Maybe next time, you’ll have the opportunity to join me as I photowalk somewhere just as exciting, beautiful, and historically intriguing as the Santa Barbara Mission.


Author: TREVOR

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2 thoughts on “Santa Barbara Mission photowalk”

  1. Trevor,

    Saw your coment on my seldom used blog page, unfortunatly too late! There are a tone of place to take a photo walk around SB county…

    Let me know if you want to try again sometime!

    I took a look at your zoomr site, and there are some great shots. I tried Zoomr but I am just to hooked in to FLickr……

    Links to my flickr page….



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