Media center, linux style

As I posted yesterday, I have decided to tackle the exciting and perilous task of adopting Ubuntu (linux) as my new operating system. In the coming weeks and months, I’ll be building, testing, and playing with an older, donated computer.

As my knowledge and skill increases, I expect to swap out and add new components to the system. Eventually I hope to have built an all new system and still have a slightly older system. Since Linux runs so well, even on older systems, I plan to keep the old system around for a while, possibly running as an email/web research/basic family computer. As I build the newer system, I will be selecting components that will contribute to an eventual media center.

“What’s that?” you say. Well, I’m sure you know about Tivo. And you may have heard about the MS Windows based media systems. I want to build an open-source, free DVR/media center.

I’ll be able to record live TV, and store those programs, just like my Tivo does right now. However, I’ll be free to burn those shows to DVD, for backup and/or increased choices for viewing. I also won’t be paying any monthly fees. You read that right, no fees.

Additionally, I’ll be able to throw in my own DVDs and store those movies for a homemade iTunes-like library of movies. Of course all digital music files and photos will be accessible, all from a menu system not unlike your typical digital cable menu, or your Tivo. The software tool I’ll use is called MythTV. I’ll get into that more at a later time.


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  1. I had MythTV running on my computer a while back but I don’t have a dedicated computer for running it and it was a bit heavy for using on our normal home computer so I uninstalled it. Good luck getting it twicked and poked into shape. It’s much easier than it used to be. I tried it a few years back and failed miserably but didn’t have too many issues when I tried about 6 months back.


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