I have been evangelized

Now, I’m not entirely abandoning my Mac, I’m just entertaining the use of Linux.

It actually started years ago, when Linux arrived on the scene as a potential OS player. I bought a book from Amazon, and downloaded the SUSE distribution. What a nightmare that was! I learned a lot from the book, but, coming from WYSIWYG environment, (Mac), the thought of messing around with a text only environment was frightening. My inability of find good help was probably the number one reason I abandoned that attempt at Linux.

So here we are, years later, and I’m itching to get in on some of that. A few months ago, I found a college friend’s website, and he mentioned this thing called ubuntu. So I googled it.

Since then, I have been acquiring old computer parts for the purposes of building a basic linux system. I hope to run it as an alternative at home. I’ll plan on reviewing an open-source alternative to each of my OS X prized applications. I’m not sure how they will do against some of the best applications available, but I’m willing to give them a try.

I’ll also be running the box as a server for our home network. File, print, network, and web serving are all great strengths of the *nix market, so I expect success on this front.

A few weeks ago I ordered the Live CD’s of Ubuntu for PPC, AMD64, and Intel. My very first go round with this sweet distribution was from that Live CD. I tossed it into my 12″ Powerbook G4, and everything just worked. I didn’t do anything complex, or install any apps that weren’t immediately available, but I did simply fiddle with it. The trackpad was a little slow, and I couldn’t get it to speed up, but I popped in a USB mouse and presto, it was just fine. Additionally, it was beautiful.

In future posts, I’ll describe my building and installing of Ubuntu on my new/old intel box. That machine is a nice PIII, w/ 128 MB of ram and a small 8 gig hard drive. But I know it meets the minimum. I hope to add some ram and another hard drive.

I know this post has been a little sloppy, forgive me. I’ll follow this one up with a little background on ubuntu.


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