I love Christmas!

Last week, we started the multi-day festivities. We visited with Deanna’s grandmother for the Festival of Lights, aka Hanukkah. We were able to celebrate for the 3rd and 4th nights of Hanukkah. I’m so glad my kids get the opportunity to be exposed to a broader cultural experience.

Last night, we did the extended family thing. All of my paternal-extended family gathered for a meal and then exchanged presents. We used to get something for everyone. That takes for ever to get through, so now we do a generational thing. My parents exchange with everyone at their level in the family tree. We do a sorta white elephant thing, without the lame present part. This way you only have to get one gift for each person joining in. It was cool. I got Guinness, and two beer mugs. Sweet.

Today, The Eve, we celebrate with my parents and we do the church thing. Usually we attend Christmas Eve services at our own church and then catch up with my parents at theirs. However, we’re all sick. I hate having a cold! The Princess is going to go ahead and do the children’s choir thing this morning at church, but the rest of us are staying on the sidelines.

Tomorrow, it’s all about us, just our immediate family. I’ll post about tomorrow, tomorrow. Maybe pictures too.

If you like to read about families getting together for Christmas, then here’s a good read.


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