Yee-haw! I love my ISP

As I write this, I’m on “hold” with my new internet provider, Time Warner Cable. Yee-haw! No I didn’t make this switch on purpose. We were with Adelphia, and their executive management sucked, so they were bought out by Time Warner. Yee-haw!

If Adelphia sucked, Time Warner might as well be the product of communism. This is because their product and service is not fit for a free-market system. The Power of You. Yee-haw!

Let me help you get the big picture…

  • We get television content via DirecTV. Great! We love them!
  • We get our phone service via Vonage. Until recently, great. It’s awesome to pay $25 a month to be able to call anyone from here to the French Alps.
  • We get our internet from Adelphia Time Warner Cable. They suck.

We’d prefer DSL, but the fascist telephone companies won’t sell DSL without a basic phone package. Well we don’t want that becuase your phone packages are for Nazis! So we’re stuck with either paying with our firstborn for internet via satellite, or Cable. So now, when all the pimple-faces get home from learning about how to feel better about themselves, they jump on the net to update their MySpace pages. Awwww! This makes our internet connection turn into that old 3Com 9600 baud modem I had in college. Awwww! Yee-haw! (I’m working on my attitude.)

So now it’s like 45 minutes later, and I’m still getting that looped message, “We appreciate your service. Be sure, we’ll answer your call as soon as possible.” I’m telling you, if they went home for the day, I’m going to go crazy.

To top it off, we recently switched from NexTel to T-Mobile. Nextel was amazing until Sprint turned them into some sort of fat lounge singer. So I decided I wanted a Blackberry, not one of those massive belt weights, but the sleek new Pearl. Awesome. When I went-a-lookin’, all I could find was T-Mobile offering them, so I got one. No problem, I actually got a great deal through Amazon, we only paid $50, after the rebates. Deanna got a smooth looking pink RAZR.

We liked the switch over, we kept our numbers, and were up and running in just a few hours. I love my Blackberry Pearl. But…with T-Mobile, I can’t get even one bar in our house. If I leave the phone by the window, after a few hours I can find that it connected and downloaded stuff and my Voice Mail numbers.

No biggy right? Wrong! When the ‘net is down, I must go outside to sit on hold. At least I’m outside.

Awwww! Yee-haw!

Why am I doing all of this? Well, when Time Warner thought they could do it better, they screwed up our Vonage. So now every call sounds like I’m on a 30 year old pay phone in East LA. Static from hell. Additionally, Deanna must power down and then power up all of our modems, routers, switches, etc once a day in order to get the ‘net to work.

It’s now an hour, and their offices are closed for the day. Letter bomb?

I’ll post this later. When the internet works again. Maybe I’ll just go down to my local coffee shop for the free wireless.

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  1. I feel your pain with the telcom companies. We used to have time warner in texas and they were pretty good to us, but now in Minnesota we have comcast and they stink. Since I live in an apartment we have to pay more for a lower quality phone service and they just recently got the new service with the unlimited long distance but they want me to pay $100 to install it. Also, we get two seperate bills from Comcast which is annoying. I am thinking telcom companies will never get it right and aslong as they all stink there aren’t any real options.


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