Took ’em to D-land again


This last Sunday we took the kids to Disneyland. We wanted to check out the Christmas decorations. Additionally our passes have blackout dates from the middle of December until the first week in January.

We took the opportunity to watch the new Jedi Training Academy show. It takes place in Tomorrowland, at the large open seating restaurant. It’s a pretty cool show. We are a Star Wars obsessed family, and so anything Jedi is mandatory for us.

The Padawan was selected to go up on stage, and he had the chance to learn from some real Jedi masters. He had a 12″ grin the whole time. I was pretty excited for him too.

Then, at the end, Darth Vader and Darth Maul come out of the stage and challenge the Jedi. Pretty dramatic, some small kids even cried. Not my boys though, they’d take on the whole Army of the Empire, if given the chance.

To close out the show, they lined up these new Jedi Padawan learners and gave them each a chance to hack at a Darth. You’ll see below, The Padawan gave Darth Maul a taste of his hard core Jedi skills.

The Padawan-jedi-academy

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