This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a test.

I recently downloaded and tried a new web browser called Flock. It appears to be designed with bloggers and other Web 2.0/social web-minded users in mind.

It looks similar to Safari, and seems to even be faster. It has a few built-in features that really appeal to me. I like that it has an RSS/news reader built-in. I also like the tool I’m using right now. I can use the “Blog Tool” to write, edit, code, and design my blog posts. Since I use WordPress for most of my web content presentation and management, this kind of tool can really be good for me.

Additionally, I was able to write this post while not connected to the web. I wrote it and then published it later. That’s great for me.

We’ll see how Flock does with being used for a few days.

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