Ooooh! Televison.

The new season of television programming is upon us! Yeehaw!

I can’t help it, I love good storytelling. I love it in book form, moving picture form, and even radio theater. I don’t have to be surprised, and I’m not afraid of a show being predictable. Cliches are OK, as long as they don’t build up.

The new season has started. There are some great returning programs and some exciting new programs.

Returning Programs: (In order of importance, value, and quality)


The Office. Hilarious office hi-jinks in a mock-umentary format.


Lost. Whoah! I hate that Henry guy.


ER. Same old thing, new set of student doctors.


CSI’s. I prefer the NY, Deanna prefers the original.


Law & Order’s. I prefer CI, Deanna prefers SVU. (She has watched every episode rebroadcast on TNT and USA.

New Programs:


Heroes. So this one is about regular people, with regular lives finding out that they have superpowers. What makes Heroes so interesting is how they figure it out, and what they’re doing about it.


Jericho. The closest major metropolis, Denver, is nuked. So is Atlanta and a whole slue of other large cities. The people of Jericho, Kansas, a small town, are now faced with surviving and not knowing if the US is under attack, or if anyone is even out there.

Cool. I love this time of year. What programs are you watching? Why?


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