Thinking about selling one on ebay

So, want one of my kids? I’m trying to decide which one will get me the highest bids on ebay. I think the 2 year old will get the most, since he’s still young and moldable. Unfortunately, I’d have to lie about his destructive tendencies. The oldest, my daughter may get high bids, but I’d have to lie about her too. There’s no way anyone’s gonna mold her, she’s the boss. And don’t you forget it!

I guess the first son is gonna go up for auction. He’ll get high bids, as long as he’s promised hours and hours on the Playstation.

(Of course this is not really going to happen. There is no real intention of selling anyone’s kids.)

I’m just pulling out my hair. As you know, I’m “mister mom” these days. If there is any good way to help one honor their wife for the hard work of managing a home, this is it. I am home, caring for the older three kids, and their mother. As she’s recovering from the C-section birth, I’m charged with everything else. At least I don’t have to breast-feed, that would suck.


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  1. Good for you. You’re wife is luck to have someone willing and responsible to help her through this. I wouldn’t want to nurse either, it hurts!


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