Strongest Dad…

Dick Hoyt. The man who is his son’s closest example of Christ in his life. A man of tremendous strength and fortitude. Sports Illustrated wrote an article about this man and his son, back in June of 2005, and it made me cry.

For fear of SI suing me for copyright issues, I won’t paste their article here. And since SI insists on letting only subscribers read it online, I’ll put links to other media outlets that have covered the story. A great video of father and son is below.

Basically the story is of Dick Hoyt and his son Rick Hoyt. When Rick was born, he had the umbillical cord wrapped around his neck. Loss of oxygen for a period of time meant he would be disabled for life. Everyone said he was unreachable. Dick’s persistance helped him reach his son by the two partcipating a 5 mile organized run, while Dick pushed Rick in a wheelchair. This experience has lead to 85 marathons, 212 triathalons, and 4 ironmans. How’d you like to be a 25 year old stud getting passed in the open ocean by a 65 year old dude towing a grown man in a dinghy? It happens, all the time.

Read the stories below and you’ll learn how Rick’s dream is to one day push his dad. It won’t take too much insight to realize that these guys love the Lord, and will most likely see this dream come true, while spending eternity with God in heaven.


Author: TREVOR

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