Mt. Pinos backpacking trip

Recently, my father, my 6 year old daughter, The Princess, and I took a 9 mile backpacking adventure. For dad and I it wasn’t the longest or most difficult hike we’d attempted before. It was, however, an eye-opener. Neither one of us has hiked in a while. Dad’s going to try Mt. Whitney in October, and he said that he’s glad he did this, to wake up. As you can tell, I simply am carrying too much weight, in the front region.

We set out, the three of us from the top of Mt. Pinos, in northern Ventura County, CA. This hike took place in the Los Padres National Forest. Our destination was Lockwood Valley, nine miles away. The trail specifically ends at the Boy Scout Camp, 3 Falls.

The trail travels along the top of the mountain to the California Condor Conservation lookout for about a mile and a half.

The remainder of the hike is downhill.

Since The Princess had not been on a backpacking trip before, we didn’t want her to have to work too hard with a lot of uphill hiking or even too much level hiking.

This was also the same “first backpack” I took with my father when I was a boy. Now a tradition.

We hiked a few miles the first afternoon and made camp on the saddle between Sawmill Mountain and Mt. Pinos. The next day was our long day of hiking. The audio below is a little recording I did from camp, during breakfast the second day.

Listen Now:

About halfway down the hill The Princess decided that the backpack was not comfortable, and I added it to my pack.


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  1. I know this place well. It is nice during the winter. My friends and I would go there inner-tubing. That tradition ended in 1982 while on a down hill run. There happened to be a tree in my way. I was able to turn the tube and miss the tree. As I did this there was a nice snow burm I did not see. Hitting this I looked like Evil Kinevel jumping in Las Vegas. I landed on my back on a snow covered rock. The next thing I really remember was waking up in a hospital somewhere in Kern County with my parents looking at me. Just a few weeks of therapy and I was good to go. Things like that can happen only when you are young. If I would have done that now I would be in a wheelchair.


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