What’s next?

Podcasting has really opened my eyes to a new kind of ministry that is fulfilling and exciting. I am using my skills and spiritual gifts and it is very satisfying to bring glory to God.

Recently I have had a vision unfold for a new kind of podcast ministry. I am just beginning to understand what I think may be a calling for me. The Scribe Music Show has been fun and I plan to continue the work on this podcast. However, I have increasingly felt like my current employment gets in the way of my desire to continue working hard on my new ministry. I have never had such a strong desire to work hard before. My work ethic has strengthened during this new era of my life. Early on I wanted to turn SMS into a daily show. That could still happen, but I’ve begun to see a larger potential for ministry with a podcast.

In no way do I feel like a podcast or even a group of podcasts can or should take the place of church. However, I do believe that a podcast can be a great asset to the local church in its ministry. I don’t see the format of a ministry-minded podcast to be like the current “para-church” radio broadcasts. I believe that the best place for the podcast ministry is in the church.

In the next few weeks, I hope to begin an aggressive brainstorming campaign. I expect to emerge with a clear vision for a new podcast ministry, Calvary Cast.

I have begun to sample a huge variety of podcasts for their format. I’m a man in search of a vision.

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  1. I know nothing of Podcasting or how it works. I guess it’s because I don’t have an IPOD. Since I work overtime on Sundays and some Wednesdays I miss church. My question is can the worship service be played live on the IPOD? If this can be done, maybe churches could have live worship services. If a bunch of churches said yes you could have a list to choose from to listen too.


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