Haven’t posted in a while…sorry.

SureFire C2 CenturionWell folks, I realized that I haven’t written anything in a while, so I thought I’d just vomit out some words.

I recently bought a new flashlight for work. Cool. I got a SureFire, C2 Centurion.


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3 thoughts on “Haven’t posted in a while…sorry.”

  1. I believe you without reading the manuel. I told him numerous times to stop shining the beam in my cameras at work. At least 3 camera lenses need to be replaced because they melted.


  2. I can’t beleive after all I had to hear about this flashlight that you didn’t give more details!! People, he read through the little catalogue that came with this light and forced me to hear the testimonials of those who stand by this particular light.You should really nudge him to elaborate on his actual excitment about getting this flashlight,you too may want to get one!


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