I hate spammers!

Today, I got a spam comment on my Scribe Music Show website. It came to the “guestbook”, so I thought it was legitimate. It basically said, “Nice website. Good content.”

I’m an idiot for not catching the general and vague sounding comments.

So I went ahead and approved the comment, and then took a look at the commenter’s alleged website. It was gay porn. I was so angry.

So now I’m online trying to figure out how I can forward the domain and email address from the spammer to as many reporting agencies, and other spammers as possible. I’d love to just crash the spammer’s server. I’d love for his inbox to overflowing with nothing but Viagra adds for seven years. I’d love…oh I’m so mad.

Then within two hours, I have another spammer trying to dump some more crap in my comments. I caught this one though.

While looking for good tips on what to do to the spammer, I found a great tip. Place email addresses for FBI fraud investigators and my congressmen. This way they too can get all the spammed crap I get.

I probably won’t do that, but it sure is funny.

Ah, that feels better. I needed to get that off my chest.

I installed this new feature that should help. All who comment will have to “verify” their email address by clicking on a link they get after commenting. This should cut down on all of the crappy Comment Spam I’ve been getting.

Oh, and by the way, I haven’t done anything to the spammers. Yet.


Author: TREVOR

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