The Best Season 2 Episode…

Last night, D and I watched Conflict Resolution again. I bought it from the iTunes Music Store. Of course I’m talking about The Office.

It is absolutely the funniest episode of the season. We laughed until it hurt. I had to rewind a couple of times, because we missed lines from laughter. I can watch the part where Michael reads all of Dwight’s complaints about Jim over and over again. I also love when Jim blurts out that Dwight tried to kiss him, and he’s not sure how he feels about it. Hilarious!

I love that Pam knows about the Dwangela conspiracy, and keeps it to herself. It’s almost as if she’s holding on to it for some ammunition. I was also entertained by Jim’s harrassment of Dwight. But, as Jim was realizing that his days are empty, I really was sad for him. I think that John Krasinski really did a great job on during those scenes.
What was your favorite episode?


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2 thoughts on “The Best Season 2 Episode…”

  1. The Injury was the first time I realized that Jim is such a good guy. Since then Jim has done some pretty great things, in spite of how he’s treated.

    *When he joined Michael while singing karaoke.
    *When he goes to Michael’s party at the Convention.

    Just to point out a few times.


  2. Yes, Conflict Resolution was an amazing episode! I’m actually going to re-watch it when i get home, since i have every episode downloaded on iTunes! I honestly can’t decide which episode is my favorite. It would probably be The Injury though, just because of the great lines. However, nothing tops the lines in Conflict Resolution where they read off Dwight’s complaints about Jim!! That’s priceless 🙂


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