A podcast for “The Office”

Tell me what you think. I’ve been podcasting several different shows for months now. I’ve learned quite a lot about podcasting, and would love to add another show. This time I’m talking with my wife about joining me as a co-host. We’d maybe even add one of her friends. We all love The Office, and could easily do a weekly podcast covering our reaction to each weeks’ hilarity and shenanigans.

I went ahead and purchased DunderCast. This could serve as our podcast’s home and name. This will only work if I can have some help each week with feedback.

We have so much fun laughing at each episode, and checking out the several great blogs dedicated to The Office. I’ve been a fan of several other TV show fan podcasts, and have learned the formats that work. I’ve even contributed to a couple LOST podcasts.

Add your comments and let me know what you think.


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