Gotta love real sports fans!

RyanMy brother-in-law is a Dodger fan, like most in my family. The Dodger game is like a cultural experience for our family. It is a rite of passage.

I can remember going to Dodger games when I was much younger, and we’d call my Mamaw Rae (read great-grandmother) to tell her about the game. We are a family of Dodger fans. When Mamaw Rae went home to be with our Lord, we mourned our loss of her, and the Angels in heaven now have a rival, a Dodger fan.Ryan

I considered checking the Dodgers’ record before writing this post, but it doesn’t matter. Real fans:

  • Cheer when their team is loosing.
  • Paint themselves in their team’s colors.
  • Bleed their team’s color.
  • Often loose their voice at games.
  • Have seen their team play in another team’s stadium.
  • And most importantly…stay until the end.

Author: TREVOR

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