The Office….continues to rock!

The season finale of The Office last week was hilarious. We laughed for days. Creed’s kleptomania is just so perfect. Remember the week before, with the office ID cards? When Creed sat down to take his picture and instinctively turned to the side, tonight’s reveal of his “habit” must be why.

Of course my wife and her friend cannot stop talking about the “scene,” when Jim and Pam kissed. They actually mean the two scenes, since they did it twice. It will be interesting to see how they handle it when the show returns in the fall. Now that The Office has been picked up, and they’re saying it will get a real full season.

I have to say that it was a great finale, but the last two episodes before it were definately some of the best episodes so far. Dwight’s list of Jim’s offenses is great. We laughed for days. Dwight calling Phyllis a clown, with her make up, was hilarious. What are your favorite spots recently?


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2 thoughts on “The Office….continues to rock!”

  1. Bobby, thanks for the comments.

    I have only seen one episode of the British version. A little too different for me. You either love or hate British humor, and it doesn’t do it for me.

    My choice quote from The Office is…

    “Can you imagine if I was deranged?”


  2. Love me some Office! Have you seen the British one? I like that fact that Michael Scott (notice two first names) is unintentionally cruel because he is a moron, as opposed to David Brent, who is just a cruel person who is also a moron. Basically, Michael is just more American.

    The band watched the entire series of The Office (british one) one trip, I think it was to Michigan and back. It’s fun to see the parallels in the American version, and also the differences. I know people like to choose favorites, but I really can’t… although I like the second season of the American version better than the second of the British as a whole.

    Choice quote from the last episode…

    “I have aces…”
    “You have a FLUSH!”
    “I have a FLUSH!!”


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