The iRiver arrived!

iRiver iFP-795I recently ordered an iRiver iFP-795 from I know, I’m a Apple guy. However, the iPod really doesn’t have recording capabilities and I have wanted that for quite some time. So, I waited until I found one for a good price. Overstock is a great place to find stuff on the cheap.

So, I ordered it and Brown delivered it today. I’ll be using it to record “on the go” stuff for my podcasts. I hope to use it soon. If I can sell my car soon, I’ll be getting a Vespa and I’d love to record a nice “sound-seeing tour” with it. We’ll see.

This thing is so small, and light. It runs on a single AA battery,Griffin Lapel Mic cool. The menu can be quite confusing, especially when considering the iPod’s menu. But, I had already found a nice set of instructions to help me turn it into the perfect mobile podcasting rig. A month or so ago I bought a Griffin LapelMic, and I’ll be using it to capture the audio. It even came with some nice little ear buds. In fact, there are several nice accessories that came with it. Apple could take some lessons here.


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  1. I recently got a iRiver T10 for my birthday and it’s mean!! (For those that are not hip, “mean” is equivalent to cool, awesome, sweet). It has all the features at a fraction of the cost of an Ipod and is even compatible with PodCast. The thing I like about it most is that it is user friendly. After about an hour of playing with it without using the manual, I felt very comfortable with it. iRiver has my stamp of approval…..fa ‘sho!!


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