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You know, there are a lot of Christian leaders shouting, “Stay away from The Da Vinci Code!” Why? Are they afraid that their parishioners and congregants will learn false teachings? Are they afraid that their people will be lead away from the faith?

Any concern for their people should have manifested itself years ago, when they failed to lead them in genuine study of the Word of God. They failed to teach the truth yesterday, and now a wolf in sheep’s clothing is threatening them today. The “children of God” don’t know the difference between sheep and wolves. I propose that those children of God are not children of God.

We’re too busy having seminars and programs instead of teaching the Word of God. We don’t take the time to read our Bibles, instead we’re watching all kinds of TV and reading pulp-fiction.

Father Jonathan MorrisA catholic priest, father Jonathan Morris, wrote a great peice for that reads…

Dan Brown is capable of passing fiction for fact because Christians don’t know their faith — what and why they believe. That’s not Mr. Brown’s fault.

I hope he doesn’t get in trouble for that. It seams that each time a catholic priest says the truth, and the Pope has said otherwise, someone gets in trouble.


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  1. Well stated, Trev. I totally agree. It’s kind of like being a counterfeit detective…when you’ve studied the real thing, any imposter is easy to spot, and you aren’t amazed, deceived, or confused as someone who can’t believe they just fell for it.

    In fact, I daresay, the same sometimes holds true for trends in the church too. Don’t jump onto every t-shirt, wristband, or devotional campaign without knowing what God really wants from us. Sure, they may be a great motivation, but it may be like the old beer commercials “…I wanted a Bud Light!” You know, misinterpretation of what God really asked for.

    If we are in the Word (Christ’s life too, not just scripture), then those wolves in sheeps clothing and angels of light (you know Satan poses as one, right?) are easier to spot.


  2. Brad. I agree with you that the attack on the divinity of Christ is important. This is usually the first sign of a cult, or some sort of heresy.

    My issue is mostly that our churches and church leaders should take some blame for not keeping the Church equipped to deal with this. If you go to Amazon’s section on Christian books, you’ll find tons of new material responding to The Da Vinci Code. Why is all of this material so necessary? Because the Church hasn’t been teaching the Word very well. You’ll find all sorts of message titles this weekend throughout Christendom, but few will be simply teaching the Word of God.


  3. Excellent. I completely agree with one small note. The book’s theme is a direct attack on the divinity of Christ (I have not seen the movie). That is something I may choose not to give my dollars to. But I dont think I would go as far as telling my listeners not to see it.


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