The Office rocks!

The Office is quite possibly one of my favorite television shows. When the TIVO gets here this week, every episode will be recorded for our future viewing pleasure, that and LOST.

Deanna likes Dwight K. Shrute. She laughs histerically during his rants and one-liners.

I am partial to Jim and all of his doings. Jim and Pam have a great comedy thing going. On this week’s episode, “Conflict Resolution”, I could not regain my composure while Michael was reading all of Dwight’s complaints about Jim. This laundry list of offenses should be entered into the Bible of pranks. Their address would be John 3:16, for they are fundamental to the Prank Lifestyle.


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2 thoughts on “The Office rocks!”

  1. Hi Trevor!
    Of course I remember you! :0) Thanks for commenting on my page!
    WOW!!! 4 kids! I am not sure we could handle that many. More power too you though! I am sure they are adorable!

    We are also huge fans of The Office. I had to get home to see it the other night and missed the first 5 minutes. Bobby taped it for me…we have not entered the age of TIVO yet…

    Bobbys band has a song that starts right away on their website. I have a hard time with that too.

    We will check out your podcast today!



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