First complaint

I hate it when you visit a band’s website, and the music starts playing right away. That ticks me off. You know, some of us visit the internets whilst we’re at work. Thanks for giving me away!

For my music podcast, I visit hundreds of band websites. You know where I’m headed with this one. One day, I decided to play a song from each website I visited that didn’t force me to hear their stuff.


Author: TREVOR

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3 thoughts on “First complaint”

  1. Now don’t blend those two paragraphs. Generally speaking, I visit hundreds of band websites for my ‘big show’.

    On specific occaisions I have visited band websites while at work.

    Good to hear from you Bobby.


  2. So it was a short podcast that week?

    I know my band’s site does that – you know, fewest clicks to get to the good stuff and all that. It does fade in if that gives you a little warning. One click stops it or one click will hide the radio completely. I think that’s a fair trade… you wouldn’t believe the morons that “can’t find” how to turn the music on if you don’t make it play.

    I leave my volume down when surfing at work… hey wait a minute! It’s somehow MY fault you are visiting hundreds of band websites while working? 😀 just kidding bro!


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